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Welcome to our monthly fundraising program using Hannaford Gift Cards.  Our 2015-2016 goal is to raise $500 a month using this program.   To participate, all you need to do is send a check for the amount you can afford on a monthly basis.  You will receive a Hannaford gift card for that equal amount.  (The gift card can even be used at the Hannaford pharmacy.)  Hannaford gives our school an additional 5% of what you purchase (in gift card form) to put toward our fundraising needs.   (Example: 50 participants at $200.00 results in reaching our goal of $500.00.) (Edmunds in Phillips does accept Hannaford Gift Cards.)                       

   Here is how it works:

  • By the 2nd Monday of the month (a few exceptions listed below), we need to receive your check made payable to S.C.H.O.O.L.  Checks should contain the notation “Hannaford” and be mailed to S.C.H.O.O.L., 325 River Road, Avon ME  04966, hand delivered to Kathi Caton or placed in the offering plate at Farmington Baptist Church (still made payable to S.C.H.O.O.L.) by the date below.

(It is important that checks are received by the dates listed below.  We deposit them on that Monday so that money may be withdrawn from our bank account that Thursday when they appear on your card.)

  • Payment due:  December 7 available to use by end of day December 10th
  • Payment due:  January 10 (I will be leaving for Haiti on the 11) available to use by end of day January 14th
  • Payment due:  February 8 available to use by end of day February 11th
  • Payment due:  March 7 available to use by end of day March 10th
  • Payment due:  April 11 available to use by end of day April 14th
  • Payment due:   May 9 available to use by end of day May 12th
  • Payment due:   June 6 available to use by end of day June 10th
  • Payment due:   July 11 available to use by end of day July 14th

Future dates to be published.       You can order in any amount from $10 to $500.

  • Your card can hold a balance of up to $500.00.  If at any time upon charge-up your balance exceeds the $500.00, another card will be issued.  You can check your balance at anytime at:

Thank you for helping us reach our 2015-2016 fundraising goals!  Please contact Kathi Caton at 491-9117 or with any questions.

*After your first order has been processed and you have received you gift card(s), all future orders may be “reloaded” onto the card(s) you have.   You do not need to get new cards each time an order is placed. 

(Please be advised that S.C.H.O.O.L., Inc. has ultimate authority and discretion to use all contributions made to it for purposes consistent with our charitable purposes.)