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Our June mission trip is coming right up!!  There will be two of us arriving in Haiti on June 18th and departing June 30th.  We will continue teaching English as a foreign language through biblical storytelling for five days in Gaudin and two days in LaBruyere!  We will be teaching from the book of Mark.  We also hope to do some story telling in both communities, LaBruyere and Gaudin, using the "Simply The Story" method.  Pastor Dorlean from LaBruyere asked us to come back and share this with his church leadership.  We are looking forward to doing so.  Of course there will be meetings with the Pastors and a review of how the program is working and what is happening in each community.  For more information on our last trip, click on the Newsletter link!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


January 2016  marked our 18th mission trip with Schooling Christian Haitians Out of Love!!

     This particular trip we introduced a new element to our progarm.  After teaching two days of English lessons to the students, we invited the community to join us for a day.  This day was an opportunity for the public to see what the children are learning and for us to share a bible story with them through "Simply The Story" storytelling method.  We told the story of the lame man lowered down from Mark 2:1-12.  After telling the story, we asked questions (through a translator) pertaining to the story.  Once the storytelling and interactive time was complete, two children  read the story that they had learned in English.  It was very exciting to share this wonderful story and to introduce "Simply The Story" storytelling with our Pastors' in Haiti.   

Please join us in prayer for secondary schools in LaBuryere & Gaudin.  

  Both Pastor Dorlean and Pastor Herode have expressed this need to help keep the children safe in their own community while being able to continue their education.     

 A seventh grade class started at La Main Forte Ecole in Labruyere last fall!  We continue to ask for your prayer and consideration of financial support to help pay the teachers.  We need $500.00 per month to meet this goal.

 It is an honor to serve with our Haitian partners to help provide a quality education for the children of  Northern Haiti.
       Our goal on each trip is to review financial accountabiltiy, update classroom photos and encourage each other with the love of Christ  We continue to teach English as a foreign language through biblical storytelling and praise God for each person that is affected.


  If you would like to join us or would like to consider supporting our program, just send us an e-mail at!