Farmington, Maine

Gaudin, Haiti

The hike into the fishing community of Gaudin, Haiti is picturesque to visitors. It seems a causal hike down a small mountain terrain with a beautiful view of the Bay of Acul just before you turn right into the village.

For the poorly paid teachers that make this trek daily, there are times when it challenges the reasons they teach in this remote village. Some teach here as a favor to the passionate pastor, Pastor Herode, who has pleaded with them to come and help this community. They all teach here because they care about the 210children grades K-6 who are receiving an education. They make this journey in sun and rain. During the rain the trek is even longer and can only be reached by foot as they trudge through the slick path. On a good day they can take a motorcycle the majority of the way if they have the means.

After the earthquake this community lost many elderly to the cholera and resorted to eating the mud packed on their houses as food resources were slim. Even today many do not have the means for a daily meal. It is the hope and prayers of Pastor Herode and Schooling Christian Haitian's Out of Love, that our program will help to provide them the hope they so desperately need.

If you would like to help this community, please go to the donate page to make a contribution. You can choose to sponsor a classroom for $20.00 per month or make a donation to start a feeding program at their school. Even as little as one dollar makes a difference. No amount is too small.

Your financial support and prayers are desperately needed and greatly appreciated.

100% of all donations go directly to community you donate to.