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Classroom Sponsorship Program:

A donation of $20.00 per month allows a child to attend school by covering their tuition, uniform, some books and a donation towards the feeding program. You will receive an annual picture of the classroom you choose to sponsor. You can watch the children grow each year as they reach sixth grade graduation! You also will receive a bi-annual newsletter along with the blessing of knowing that your contribution and prayers make a difference.

You can choose the school you would like to sponsor by clicking the donate button below for LaBruyere or Gaudin. Please e-mail us at: to let us know which grade you would like to sponsor. You can also find pictures of each class in our photo gallery.

Feeding Program:

Your support is desperately needed in order to provide for these precious children. Truly, as little as $1.00 is a treasure in helping us to provide them with a meal. It cost approximately $8,000 dollars to feed the children last year. With rising expenses and the prayer of being able to feed the children at both schools, we need your help. If you can make any size donation, please click the “donate” now button below.

Teachers Training Seminar:

Our program hosts a five day annual teachers training seminar in August. This program costs between $1500 - $1600. It provides four instructors to come and encourage and teach new techniques to the local teachers in these remote communities. Usually there are about forty teachers in attendance and is much anticipated each year. Please click the “donate” button below if you would like to contribute towards the “Teachers Training Seminar”.

Important Legal Notice: Schooling Christian Haitians Out of Love, Inc is a federally recognized 501c3. Please be aware that Schooling Christian Haitians Out of Love, Inc has ultimate authority and discretion to use all contributions made to it for purposes consistent with our charitable purposes.