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Daniel & The Lions' Den

It was awesome to see our skit come together!  You can read the full story of this January 2013 mission trip in our April 2013 newsletter.

Below are some photographs taken at each school (Gaudin & LaBruyere) as the story of "Daniel and the Lions' Den" was acted out.  We shared verses 6:1-28 from the book of Daniel.

Working together........Reading Daniel from the bible.

The children watch the story of Daniel come to life as it is acted out.

Daniel kneeling in his upstair room and praying as he looks out towrds Jerusalem.  The scene shown here is of our staff and translators bringing the story to life with scene changes.

Four of the children play the role of the lions.

The angel came and "shut the lions mouths".

King Darius (played by Pastor Herode) overjoyed that Daniel was o.k.

The men who accused Daniel were thrown into the lions' den.

The high officials come to King Darius (played by Pastor Dorlean) to sign the law forbidding a person to pray to anyone except for him within the next thirty days.

Daniel continues to pray three times a day.

The king reluctantly gives the orders for Daniel to be arrested and thrown in the lions den.

"Daniel servant of the living God!  Was your God, who you serve so faithfully, able to rescue you from
the lions?"  Daniel 6:20

The lions mouths are no longer shut.

The men who accused Daniel were thrown in the lions' den.